Craniosacral treatment for Jaw Pain and TMDJ

(temperomandibular joint dysfunction)

There are many causes of TMJ pain or TMJD. In the chronic case, it is often a signal of stress: historic, residual, or current.

This is no surprise as the jaw is located in the midst of the most regularly used and most crucial part of our body. The mouth, neck, ear, jaw, teeth, and nose areas are critical for breathing, drinking, eating, hearing, talking, balance, body language, expression and more. Anatomically, it is closely associated with the limbic system and the fight/flight response.


Therefore, the holistic approach used at Rosewater includes relaxation and stress reduction simultaneously while contacting muscle, nerve tissue, fascia, body memory and the central nervous system.


Rosewater TMJ and Jaw Treatment

All of this work is within consent, safety, and cooperation; nothing is forced. Your needs and comfort are important and your feedback is vital for safe and profound results. We will regard cues given by your body with curiosity and respect, and  with trauma-informed tools as needed. Responding to what I am palpating in your system, I provide your physical structures with "experiments" that are like conversations that that allow your nervous system to express and expel old patterns, stagnation and tension. Possibilities, ease, decreased pain and tension are natural results of just this alone. And then we help your body take in the deep rest needed for integration so that it is from your profound body wisdom that the next level of health and well being can emerge, effortlessly, like like leaves unfurling.

This work takes time. It took all your years to be who you are today. It takes more than a few sessions to make lasting head-way. However, the investment has a long-term by-product: your body will remember how to access the states of ease we uncover and I will teach you how to keep training your body to find it within lifestyle micro choices you can add, modify and design to your specifications.

Sample Treatment A

Discuss health history, symptoms, duration and contributing factors. 


Assess and treat: 

* Range of motion of the jaw

* Tension of the main jaw muscles: masseter, posterior fibers of temporalis, and the lateral and medial pterygoids  

* Assist mobility of the mandible or jaw bone and the temperomandibular joint  

* Facilitate circulation of fluids throughout the body, including the cerebral spinal fluid, noting areas of flow or blockage 

* Provide self-care homework program and tools

Sample Treatment B

Assess and treat:

* Muscles of the upper back, which  refer to the side of head, face, and jaw

* Temporal bones where the jaw bone connects to the cranium and also contain the ears 

* Spheno-basilar joint, the most important joint in the head 

* Neck and atlanto-occipital joint. Any dysfunction here affects the angles in which the jaw moves  

* Maxillae bones where the upper teeth connect to cranium 

* Gentle tissue re-education of the muscles of the floor of the mouth and anterior neck

* Continue to assess circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid.

Sample Treatment C

Assess and treat:

*  Tension of the hips, lower back, and sacrum as tension in the jaw can cause reciprocal tension here 

* Bones of the palate of the mouth, affecting the jaw and auditory (Eustacian) tubes

* muscle, fascia and nerve tissue of the Trigenminal Nerves

*  Continue to assess circulation of fluids throughout the body for treatment optimization. 

*  Revisit self-care program including tools to reduce stress

*  Repeat if necessary, and expand inquiry to old injuries or traumas.

Currently unavailable; please check back for availability

Comprehensive Care Package for TMJ Dysfunction and Pain

For people with long-standing, moderate to severe pain and symptoms, I highly recommend a course of treatment. This area of the body is highly dynamic , and also informed by layers of habits formed very early in life. We need time to contact as many layers as we can to impart possibilities of ease in function.

So, a little about the TMJD comprehensive care package. What it does is provide a structure for dedicate an introductory five sessions primarily to the workings of the temporomandibular joint. The jaw is a crux of reptilian brain motor nerve output (nourishment, displays of territory, etc) plus the limbic brain's sensory input (affection) and motor output (language, relationship) and this area deserves dedicated sessions.


I will follow the body's lead, although within the broad container of relationship to the tempero-mandibluar joint. Although we intend for transformation, the work remains one that is guided by holism: one's body wisdom is the authority of its own ordering, pace, and depth.


With the body's permission, this work may include support and re-education to all the major components of the jaw and stomatognathic system: the mandible,  maxillae, temporal bones, temporomandibular joint itself, hyoid, clavicles, neck, scapulae, sternum and ribs and all the muscles that attach directly to it, plus adjacent and distal big players: the sphenoid, the occiput, the sacrum and hip muscles.

In some cases, five sessions can bring significant progress. In other cases, it would also be within the range of normal to return for occaisional follow-up, or to continue regular work for several months. Certainly if I find that the underlying cause is related to degenerative bone conditions, bite problems, infection, or issues inside the joint capsule, I will refer out to a dental specialist.


Craniosacral work is especially good in this area in situations with chronic stress, poor posture, headaches, neck pain, back pain, insomnia, or previous orthodontal or dental history.


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