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Craniosacral Therapy, Rosewater's approach, and Practitioner Broehe Ballman

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy fits under the umbrella of Manual Therapy; hands-on assessment and technique based on palpation findings. Beyond the musculo-skeletal system, Craniosacral Therapy goes deeper to the Craniosacral system, made up of fluids and membranes that surround, nourish and protect the nervous system, brain, and spine. Cerebral spinal fluid (csf) in particular facilitates the higher glands and communication between them. This fluid maintains the nervous, immune, lymph, endocrine, and musculoskeletal systems. When the Cranial system is happy, every system is happy.

Working with universal warm regard within the waters and structures that service the higher coordinating centers of the brain and spinal cord, we facilitate the thorough, circulating wisdom of the Self,  for whom finds, with assisted unburdening, the next achievable level of well being, health, harmonious integration, and embodiment.

Craniosacral Therapy Seattle

Rosewater combines all three branches of Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy Seattle

The three branches of Craniosacral Therapy are Mechanical, Biodynamic and Visionary. The Mechanical was most popularly taught by the Upledger Institute who contributed important research to the field such as the anatomical foundations of cranial bone and cerebral spinal fluid interaction and fluctuation.

An example of how these integrate is: my hands assess cranial bone position and movement (Mechanical). Fluctuations of cerebral spinal fluid and electromagnetic phenomena are in constant interaction, and follows relationships throughout the body. This is a "conversation in the fluds" (Biodynamic) and emergent findings lead the choice of techniques. The Visionary is experienced first hand, and emerges by the client's direct felt-sense experience which beautifully tracks the cues and symbology of their own mind-body map.

Certified by energy medicine specialists in 1996 and having honed a sensorial long attention span from many thousands of hours of deep meditative states, I align with the moment-to-moment expression of the body's electro-magnetic phenomena, held as sentient, intelligent, life force. Chi. Prana. For more, see my Long Tide article for foundational findings by the original Cranial Osteopaths of the 1930's. 

All levels -- the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual may be involved in any set of conditions, and all invited to participate in the inquiry. In a safe, mind-body exploration, rediscovered or recreated possibilities naturally emerge.


About Broehe Ballman, BA, LMT, CCSP

Of growing importance to me is how we develop a healing relationship with our body and move compassionately from objectification and judgement to building trust and harmony with it. From chronic pain conditions early on, I leaned into a whole gamut of natural therapies, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, traditional European herbal medicine, yoga, nutrition, swimming, breathwork, walking, Qi Gong, wilderness, music, art, and they remain vital to my well being. My work is an accumulation of 20 years of licensed full-time body work (of which 13 dedicated to Craniosacral Therapy) and 30+ years practices in natural healing, meditation, and somatic practices.

In this work, I am grateful foremost to Craniosacral Teacher Ursula Popp, Heida Brenneke and her pioneering school of massage, Osteopathic doctors Andrew Still, William Sutherland, John Upledger, James Jealous, Theravadan Buddhist linneage of Sayagi U Ba Khin, Lao Tzu, Tibetan Buddhist linneage of Yogini Machig Lobdrön, Esalen Institute, Seattle Hakomi Education Network, 16th Century mystic naturalist Jaköb Boehme, from whom my first name windingly derives. Teachers of the early 20th Century who came from India to help Western minds birth what we now refer to as embodiment, somatic psychology, and the birth of the witness to the flow of life within to which wisdom traditions around the world point.

A most warm thank you to the healing circles that welcomed me as a newcomer in the Methow Valley in 1995, the teachers who came, my mentors, fellow group of students, and especially Ed and Vicky Welch who sponsored trainings so that anyone could come and learn.

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