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ABOUT Craniosacral, Broehe,

and the work of rosewater

About Craniosacral Therapy

It's challenging to condense many layers of anatomy and concepts. Here's my current best shot.


Craniosacral Therapy fits under the umbrella of Massage Therapy: we use manual techniques to support the body's healing responses. However, instead of focusing on the musculoskeletal system, Craniosacral Therapy goes a level deeper to the fluids. The fluids in the body contain the whole of the matrix for homeostasis as well as communication between the higher coordinating centers and all the rest. The fluids contain and maintain the nervous, immune, lymph, endocrine, and musculoskeletal systems.


Remember how the body is more than 70% water? Thanks to our primate hands and highly sensitized fingertips, one can feel the waters at work (it feels like a coral reef). Where the waters move smoothly and symmetrically, we tend to see health and vitality. Where the waters are diminished, dense, or trapped; symptoms or pathology develop. Usually, the body does a great job overcoming challenges. However, reaching the state of self-healing inside is not widely taught, or rather, remembered or prioritized. So Craniosacral Therapy not only helps you to find the state where your body can find the resources to overcome symptoms or stagnation but also, working within the waters and the structures that cleanse and nourish the higher coordinating centers of the brain and spinal cord, we can facilitate the waters to find its next higher level of health, within its own healing responses. The work can be very profound, and it involves our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

About Rosewater Craniosacral and Massage

Rosewater Craniosacral & Massage is an accumulation of 15 years of licensed body work and 30 years of walking the walk of natural healing.  What I've learned helps clients to heal from a variety of ailments from chronic neck and back pain, TMJ, migraine headaches, to stress, tension related problems, and more. 


What becomes clear in my own and my clients' healing, is with persistent attention and informed care, the body does go to its next level of health. So we can relax and be with ourselves, with our bodies, right where we're at, right now.


That's where the magic is anyway. It is hard to get there sometimes, that's why help is here.

About Broehe Karpenko, LMT, CCSP

I have a growing interest in how we develop a healing relationship with our own body. My work helps to provide a path from a paradigm of objectification and judgement of our bodies to building confidence to: explore our internal territory, with ordering principles of its own, our reactions to it, and the breath; our only carriage in this life. I explore this in my work, in yoga, and in receiving Craniosacral. Recently, along with continuing studies in Craniosacral Therapy, I am studying and practicing Hakomi, a form of "assisted self-discovery" with its roots in Taoism.


My work is informed by daily meditation. This continually teaches me to perceive information in my body and my client's, how to witness thoughts, emotions, and body sensations with balance. And, how to be present and listen while holding anatomically precise structures of the cranial bones and rhythms of the internal waters. It reminds me to breathe. This practice creates positive changes as well as a palpable horizon of aspiration.


Struggling with chronic pain since I was very young, I took a sabbatical from college to explore how I could feel better. I sought natural healing of all kinds: naturopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga, bodywork and energy work - all across the board. I became intrigued with organic farmers. They inspired me to eat close to the earth and to live close to the earth.

In a journey that took me across country to an agricultural mecca of sustainability, I learned to grow food, chop wood, and carry water; not figuratively. Old chronic pain improved, as I ate fresh from my garden, worked outside, and plunged gleefully into mountain rivers. Activities quickly expanded to include permaculture, alpine botany, traditional ceremony, co-founding and running non-profit organizations such as the Partnership for a Sustainable Methow and the Methow Food Alliance. I practiced and taught Re-Evaluation Counseling. In1996, Joy Moulton ordained me a Spiritual Healer. 

After graduating with honors at the University of Washington in 2002, a new set of pursuits emerged. I took my first ten-day silent meditation retreat. It changed my world in a new realm - the internal. Shortly after, I became Retail Manager for Pariyatti, a publishing company created by meditation teachers associated with Vipassana Meditation and the Pali Canon, Buddhism's "bible." I was fortunate to work closely with teachers and familiarize myself with the texts while strengthening the practice.

When Pariyatti relocated, I wanted to stay in Seattle, and suddenly felt strongly drawn into Massage Therapy education at Brenneke School of Massage, where I stayed on after graduating as an assistant teacher and tutor. Years into a fulfilling Massage Therapy practice, I began Craniosacral Therapy Certification training with Ursula Popp in 2011. Craniosacral is, to me, nothing short of a revelation; an elegant form weaving the most beautiful principles in the evolving healing arts. It brings together meditation, mind-body theory, anatomy, physiology, and the art of listening that engages the body's own healing processes.

The type of Craniosacral Therapy I practice

My training combined all three branches of contemporary Craniosacral Therapy: Biodynamic, Biomechanical, and Visionary. My teacher, Ursula Popp, was a student and assistant teacher to Hugh Milne, an Osteopath who taught all branches but pioneered the Visionary branch. The Biomechanical branch is best represented by John Upledger, and many direct tissue holds I use were popularized by him.

In a simplified and overly general way, applying the three branches might look like the following. I rely on understanding anatomy to assess cranial bone movement  (biomechanical) to best assess any blockage, adhesion or stifled flow of fluid movement and what structures will be most affected. I am then led by "conversation in the fluds" (biodynamic) and in the sensations you're having to lead the inquiry and choices of techniques.


The visionary is best experienced first hand, and is led by my client's direct experience and their own symbology which beautifully tracks the cues of their own mind-body map.


All levels, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual may be involved in any set of conditions, and all invited to participate in the inquiry.


In a relaxed, safe, mind-body exploration, rediscovered or recreated possibilities naturally emerge.


The work does itself and we just create, together, a space to allow.