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Take a deep dive with me in Craniosacral Therapy

Water behaves inside the body as it does anywhere in nature; it flows, it has waves, channels, eddies. It has tides. 


Some also refer to the inner waters as the cranial sea, or, the interstitium. The movements of the waters can be felt, owing to our highly specialized hands and fingertips, uniquely advantaged to perceive this movement.

pier water

We call the movement of the waters "the fluid drive," and a Craniosacral therapist can find its movement anywhere in the body. The fluid drive is led by a very specialized fluid in the body - the cerebral spinal fluid.


Cerebral spinal fluid (csf) nourishes and protects the entire central nervous system. Cerebral spinal fluid (csf) is like battery fluid, in that it maintains our bioelectric neuroconductivity. Csf is almost identical to magnesium-rich ocean water, where life started.


Where there is clear, direct and strong flow of the cerebral spinal fluid, we see health. Where that fluid is blocked, weak, or swirling like an eddy - those are the areas that present symptoms, pain or dysfunction and can somtimes lead to a pathology if unresolved. 


Working with the level of the fluids is a quantum leap from working with only muscles or connective tissues (also called fascia). Muscles and fascia are units within a larger system that includes nerves, and the fluids of the central nervous system.

Each person's body has its own unique pattern of its internal circulating intelligence, that is rich and deep and ancient. I'm not exaggerating to say that it can undulate like a coral reef. I wish everyone could feel it. 


Working at the level of the fluids allows us to work with the whole being from any one part. A hundred years ago, the founders of Cranial Osteopathy found that the cerebral spinal fluid embodies and unifies the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of ourselves.


It is complex to be a human being; we navigate our nervous systems through our environment while containing as many synapses (connections between nerve/brain cells) as the Milky Way has stars.


Our health within this system is self-regulatory and self-healing and self-rejuvenating - generally. The self-healing level of the body is most active if we have the time to nurture the states of being that access it. Of course this is hard to do when we have pressures on our work and home lives that prevent us from slowing down, or having time to nurture our truest resources: reasons for living, being with loved ones, passions, natural inclinations, life purpose, special places, an animal, spirituality, personal cornerstones, or beliefs.


When we are able to give enough space and time to those things that feed us in our truest places, the deep self-regulatory and self-healing mechanism within our blueprint is engaged. This is an inherent state that needs to be reached to uncomb stress at any level.

Too many of us don't get enough time to naturally be attracted to, and spend lots of time with, what is most important. When our self-regulatory system cannot be engaged, our brilliant mind-bodies go to work to perfectly compartmentalize a symptom or imbalance. Over time those areas, if unresolved by the system, reflect a physiology of compensatory responses. If unresolved, compromised areas can impede the delicate passages of bone and tissue through which nerves travel. Eventually nerve signal, blood flow, and cell metabolism can diminish.  A loss of energy, loss of clarity of mind or symptoms can occur, such as low back pain, neck pain, migraines, headaches, vertigo, dizziness, balance problems, vision or hearing problems, TMJ or jaw pain and dysfunction, facial pain, or other sensory / motor problems.

Craniosacral is brilliant at re-establishing flow in these areas, just in its service to the body's inherent inclination toward wholeness. Areas that have been "cutoff" regain integration with the whole. Nerve passages return to functional movement which makes full communication possible with the higher coordinating glands -- the pineal, pituitary, thalamus, thyroid. When all parts are connected to the whole, these glands perfectly re-order the next available level of health and well being. They do all of it - just as a matter of following its own ancient, awe-inspiring blueprint, just as migrating birds know the routes of their ancestors.


This inherent, underlying blueprint for health has existed all along.


We can also thank our nervous systems' neuroelasticity that allows us to continually learn, adapt, and harmonize with our environment and challenges.


In an integrated system, the cerebral spinal fluid flows evenly, symmetrically throughout our system. One of the main jobs of this free but ordered flow, as we've said, is the nourishment, and cleansing of those higher glands. As our higher coordinating centers, they are responsible for what I call meta-navigation.


Amidst the daily onslaught to our senses and intellect, meta-navigation is the integration of perception, awareness, experience, reaction, and creation, from our own ancient blueprint of health and intelligent life.


This means we have, already in our blueprint, natural potential for the biochemical state of solution, grace, balance, grounding, health and ease. This integration is experienced as inner harmony.

It is my personal experience, and the experience of so many, that Craniosacral Therapy is one safe, effective way to access our inner harmony. What follows is the reflection of inner harmony, more and more, into an outer experience of harmony in life.

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