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A note: safety, time, progress and results

For best results, allow 30 or more minutes after each session for some "you" time, without demands. Each session mines information; trailheads to your own deep resources. Keep exploring those and you'll make pathways your body will remember and from there spontaneously explore and embody as an habit. Supporting these healing pathways with homework is important. This work may have good results without homework, but if you want the best bang for your buck.....homework is where its at. An ounce of prevention my people, often, regularly.

In a session we work together within informed consent, cooperation, and safety; nothing is forced. Your participation is vital as your needs and comfort are important. We will regard cues given by your body with curiosity and respect, with trauma-informed tools as needed. Responding to what I am palpating in your system, I provide your cerebral spinal fluid (energetic and physical) with "conversations" that allow your central nervous system to express and expel historic, residual, and day-to-day energetic-emotional-mental-physical loads that get compounded in the nerves and musculotendinous junctions. Decreased tension and pain, ease and broader possibilities are natural results of just this alone. A decrease in tension is the pre-requisite to the deepest work. Take comfort if it takes a few sessions to do this; you are in the best of company with most of my clients. In each session we also help your body take in the deep rest needed for integrating the work we did so that it is from your unique blueprint that the next level of health and well being can emerge on its own - literally like like leaves unfurling. "When Spring comes, the grass grows by itself." (Tao te Ching)

This work takes time. One by-product to a slow approach is that your body starts to remember how to access states of ease underlying all patterns on its own. I will reflect back to you how your body is moving toward this inherent template, like leaves finding the sunlight. "Toward" is what is important; seeming imperfections embraced. I provide specific lifestyle micro-wholisms you can add or modify. Promoting the template of health that already exists in your heart, in life, in dna, in the planet, is a lifetime study. Small habits of uncombing and allowing, in baby steps, with gobs of self-compassion are steps that bear fruit over time. This work is a counterweight to daily demands of productivity, so patience. Patience.

May you be happy. May all beings be happy.

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