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Craniosacral Therapy Seattle by Rosewater

Rosewater Craniosacral is Certified Craniosacral Therapy, through Ursula Popp's teaching. A client centered, wholeness oriented, manual therapy with somatic, nervous system support and regulation. Specializing in natural pain relief support for chronic pain, stress, trauma, concussion, headache, tmjd and intra-oral jaw muscle pain, neck pain, back pain, vertigo, and more, ages 8+.

Welcome, new and returning clients. Expanded hours: more afternoon and evening appointment times now available.

Masks are not required, however I will continue to mask. Cancellations due to Covid and respiratory illnesses still come in regularly, so thank you for helping prevent respiratory symptoms from spreading.

If you are in wait of an appointment, I look forward to being with you. In the meantime, please check out The Tides, Sitting Butterfly, and Chronic Pain Recovery. They offer some of my best recommendations for a lifestyle of softly turning toward our deepest resources of healing and thriving.


My teacher Ursula Popp said our health depends on our ability to connect with our deepest tidal expression of cerebral spinal fluid, and its called the Long Tide. She passed along the teachings of the Cranial Osteopaths from a hundred years ago; that the Long-tide is the state of self-healing, self-regulating, self-rejuvenating mode that our heart and higher glands are built for, rooted in the blueprint of health, homeostasis, and wholeness from the unfolding of our very own dna. Long-tide is what Ursula referred to as our ultimate resource of well being in this life: the place where we are already whole and never broken. It is Life. Let's connect to the forces through which life unfolds its mysterious grace. 

I learned in 2021 that Native American indigenous healing traditions informed the father of Osteopathy, Dr. Andrew T. Still, the grandfather of Cranial Osteopathy and Craniosacral Therapy. Dr. Still, whose indigenous connections were long obscured, was an American Civil War physician who later cured thousands of the various great epidemics that swept North America in the wake of the huge European immmigration of the 1800's. Still was of both European settler and Shawnee and Lumbee First Peoples on his father's side. Alongside these paternal relatives he was known to learn from and practice with their healers. The cornerstones of listening and "aligning with" that run through the offspring of hands-only Osteopathic Medicine arise among indigenous healing and bone-setting traditions found here on Turtle Island, the peoples of pre-conquest Americas and Asia.

I'm grateful to friends of the Coleville Reservation and the Coast Sannich, who taught me smudging and other teachings and also for the contribution of past, present and future influence of the Duwamish and Coastal Tribes in shaping the Pacific Northwest. For more information about honoring this unceded traditional territory of the Duwamish Tribe, please visit and if you feel called, support here.

"Craniosacral is an elegant weaving of principles of nature; found inside ourselves and out. It integrates possibilities for ease, mind-body unity at the experiential level. It is born of anatomy, physiology, foundations of osteopathic medicine, therapeutic listening and witnessing.
It engages the self-healing that is already present, inviting one into relationship
with the creative emergence of one's own spontaneous being,
connected to ancient patterns all life share."

Broehe Ballman, BA, LMT, CCSP

Craniosacral approach and training background here.

Broehe Ballman LMT, CCSP, BA
Rosewater Craniosacral Therapy Seattle

 Our blueprint already contains natural potential for the biochemical states of solution, grace, balance, grounding, health and ease. The integration of these is experienced as inner harmony.


It is my personal experience, and the experience of so many, that Craniosacral Therapy is one safe, effective way to access our inner harmony. This reflects, little by little, into an experience of harmony into life's outer expressions.

Rosewater Craniosacral Therapy Seattle rose
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