Rates and Policies


$100 for an hour

$140 for 90 minutes

$200 for 120 minutes

Payments are due at the time of service and accepted by pre-written check or credit card. No cash payments.

Tipping is appreciated though not required or expected.


Cancellation, lateness policy

Late cancellations due to symptoms of Covid will not be charged a fee.

Otherwise, a notice of at least 24-hours is required. The late fee is $75.


Please note that we cannot keep your appointment if you arrive 15 minutes after the appointment time. We will either reschedule or cancel your appointment in that case, a cancellation fee of $75 will occur.

Reimbursement from Insurance

Some insurance plans have a provision for "Out-of-Network" benefits for Massage Therapy.

Check with your insurance company to confirm if you have this provision. They may have instructions, or a special form you will need to submit the superbill I will provide you. ​


See your Primary Care Physician to ask for a prescription for Massage Therapy.  I am licensed to treat the musculoskeletal system and stress related chronic pain, so make sure your prescription covers that.


With reimbursement, you pay at the time of service. As receipt of service, I provide you a superbill that you submit to your insurance company, who will reimburse you directly.  Without knowing the range of plans out there, I typically see an average of about 45% reimbursement.