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The The Martian (English) Full Movie 1080p Hd quekalo




He returns to Earth as the only witness to the destruction of the Mars crew. Watney informs NASA he has located the remnants of his crew, and is given funding for a rescue mission. The rescue team includes Don and Sandy. Don is a NASA botanist; Sandy is a roboticist and the fiancée of Watney. The rescue team's ship is ambushed by an enemy force, leaving Don, Sandy, and Watney's spacecraft. The space shuttle is disabled, and the three escape by foot. As they proceed toward the enemy base, the rescuers are approached by a young girl, whose uncle is among the abductees. The girl is to be killed, but her uncle gets the three to safety. Later, the rescuers' spacecraft is captured and the young girl is taken to her uncle. The girl's story as told to her uncle is that Watney and his crew intentionally crashed into Mars, killing themselves and her crew. Watney's remaining crewmates are believed to be dead as well. A group of scientists find and kidnap Don and Sandy, and use them to extract information about the crashed space mission. Don and Sandy escape from their captors and, after a harrowing journey by foot, reach the base camp. The base camp belongs to Earth, and the enemy force is a religious group. The rescuers believe that Watney has survived his journey, and announce his survival on the radio. When they are immediately attacked by the enemy, Don and Sandy manage to reach the base camp and meet up with the crew of the spacecraft. The attackers, meanwhile, have discovered Watney's location and are at the camp to get the men for study. Don and Sandy kill their captors and join Watney and the crew of the space ship. The group reach a nearby mining camp, where they see the spacecraft and recover from the trek. The three astronauts and the girl from earlier establish radio contact with NASA. They inform NASA of the situation on Mars, and NASA soon sends a rescue mission. A United States Air Force Interplanetary Transport Vehicle (ITV) arrives, and the astronauts, the girl and Don leave the space ship for their new spacecraft. As the rescue ship leaves Mars and heads back to Earth, the group hears on the radio about a comet that has been discovered. While exploring the comet, the crew of the spacecraft is captured by another religious group, the Protoplasmians. Don and Sandy manage to sneak into




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The The Martian (English) Full Movie 1080p Hd quekalo

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