Home Care Programs for Established Clients

I am currently offering free home program consultations for existing clients in 15-30 minute phone or zoom appointments. Please see the booking page to make an appointment. Home programs include a check-in and assessment and self-massage techniques and body tools and exercises to help you get through this time. We will together figure out what may be needed to support your recovery from pain and discomfort. I have lots of self-massage techniques to share. These same techniques are amazing for our ability to calm our stress level and engage the part of us that can bring our resilience to the challenges we face now. Its very important now to care for the breath and the body as we would care for one of our own children; a well maintained breath and body practice that is conscious in the now moment and rooted in a practice can support our higher glands and meta-navigating parts of ourselves to move through this time with the strength and grace that is already written into our systems. Let's call it forth every day.


Rosewater Craniosacral and Massage, WA Lic #MA17798

In North Seattle 509-846-9286

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9a-3p

Friday 12-6p, Saturday 9a-2p

8401 5th Ave NE Suite 102

Seattle, WA 98115

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