September 25, 2019

There is good news; a part of us is already connected to life's blueprint for balance and well being.

Its called the Long Tide.

Before we discuss the Tides, my purpose today is to tell you that you are not broken.

My teacher said,

"the body is always responding perfectly to the demands on it [within natural mortal constaints]".

The blueprint within...

January 31, 2018

What is the havoc of chairs? At age 5 you may have started to spend most days of your weeks in chairs: wooden, inflexible, unadjustable chairs - in which you may have shimmied around, draped, and otherwise slouched. 

Slouching is what we do when we are uncomfortable. One might recline far back in the chair, rounding the upper body,...

Daily neck pain affects almost all the people that I see, at some point in their life. This type of pain is one of the following: its already there upon waking and gets better through the day, or has arisen gradually over time, or is the result of an old injury in the past and not completely healed. If your pain is the result of a recent injury...